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What Services Does A Tree Removal Company Perform?


Tree removal companies do more than just remove dead or unwanted trees from your property. They perform many different functions involving your tree. Here are some of the services that a professional tree removal company can perform.


Tree Trimming


You may have a perfectly healthy tree that simply has branches that may be hanging over the neighbors fence, interfering with power or phone lines or simply may pose a danger to property should they break during a storm or high winds. In these cases you may simply want to have your tree trimmed rather than removed completely and a professional tree removal service can take care of that tree trimming for you. When you call a tree removal service to trim one or more trees for you, they will come to your home and inspect the tree or trees to ensure that they are healthy. Should they find any diseased or dying trees they will inform you and can then with your approval either treat or removed the diseased and dying trees as well as trim the healthy trees for you.


Professional tree removal companies have the right tools and experience to trim tree branches regardless of how high up in the air those branches may be.


Stump Removal


When a tree removal company removes a tree from your property they also remove the stump as well. However, there are times when people have cut down trees themselves or had their trees cut down by non-professionals who left the stump behind and you now want that a stump removed to improve the look of your property. In such a case you can call a professional tree removal company to come and remove those unsightly stumps for you and haul them away. They will even fill in the hole left by the removal of the stump for you so that you plant grass and have your yard once again look beautiful.


Tree Thinning


If you have a patch of trees on your property that are growing too close together to allow for healthy tree growth of you trees, you may want a professional tree removal company to thin your trees for you. Tree thinning involves the removal of some of the trees in order to allow the other trees to be able to grow in a healthy manner.


A professional tree removal service can remove some of the trees from your strand for you and will even haul away the trees they remove and the accompany debris, so the remaining trees are both healthy and attractive.


When choosing a tree removal company to trim or remove trees or perform stump removal, look for a company that is both licensed and insured and has at least 5 years experience in the tree removal business. If you live in the Washington DC, Maryland, or Virginia area you can call US Tree Services at 443-447-2402 for professional tree stump removal services as well as tree trimming.