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Seeking top-rated, bonded and insured tree removal services in the state of Maryland? Welcome to the USA Tree Services LLC- A name synonymous with efficiency and reliability for over 10 years.


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Thousands of satisfied commercial and residential property owners have already benefited from our professional approach to work. We understand your safety related concerns. That’s why we have an experienced and well-trained team to perform both emergency and regular tree removal service in Baltimore, Ellicott, and Severn in Maryland.


Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority - you can rely on us to deliver the best service at a competitive price.


Don’t Take Tree Removal Lightly


If you have a diseased or unwanted tree on your property, it's important you hire professionals to remove it to avoid injury or unsafe conditions. Tree removals can be very dangerous and should not be taken lightly.


The job often includes chainsaws and high heights combined with trying to tie branches. One wrong step could mean a serious fall or injury. Trust our highly trained team to remove any tree from your home or business.


To avoid damage to your property or yourself, rely on the team at USA Tree Services LLC to handle all the heavy equipment, heights and the other dangers the job brings. Our tree technicians are experts and do this on a daily basis. They are able to safely and nimbly manage any tree removal in Baltimore County, Ellicott city, and Severn MD for any size.


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Services We Offer


We offer a complete range of tree removal services to residential and commercial property owners in the state of Maryland at pocket-friendly prices. Your safety and well-being matters to us. We are committed to show responsibility towards our clients, communities, and the environment.


Tree Removal - Is there an unwanted or diseased tree on your property? Does it pose safety risks? There can be many reasons for tree removal including:


  • ● Dead trees
  • ● Trees or roots have made their way into deep foundations
  • ● Trees obstructing the way while building a new structure
  • ● Overgrown branches become a nuisance and pose serious safety hazards


No matter what your reason for tree removal in Baltimore County, Ellicott city, and Severn MD, we will be there for you to get rid of any size tree in the most safe and efficient manner. Our highly skilled team uses advanced equipment to deliver satisfactory service.


Tree Trimming - Tree trimming is very important for the health and appearance of your trees as well as for your personal safety. We follow the best trimming standards in the tree service industry to ensure your trees remain healthy, attractive, and vibrant.


Stump Removal - We are a locally owned and operated business you can depend on. USA Tree Services, LLC, specializes in large and small stump removal efficiently. Stumps can be removed due to various reasons including:


  • ● Safety hazard
  • ● Unsightly
  • ● To add space
  • ● Aesthetic purposes


We provide thorough, superior stump removal service at pocket friendly rates.


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